Saturday morning Meena and I wandered around Red Hook, Brooklyn and went to the famed Fairway market for the first time ever. It was a trip filled with mixed emotions. The Fairway, while impressive, was pretty underwhelming. I have to admit. I know people just love this place to death, but come on dudes, it’s like a dirtier Whole Foods with prices that are far more expensive than my local butcher and cheese shops. So while I appreciate it, it’s not a place I feel like I need to hit again unless I’m after some caviar or their house coffee.

Anyway, we did find that the neighborhood was charming in a filthy, undeveloped sort of way. There isn’t much down there and the streets are pretty desolate, but it’s charming for sure. You have to take a train and a bus to enjoy the charm, but it’s charming nonetheless.

While we were wandering though, we ran into one of those rare little restaurants that makes both Meena and I feel like we need to open our own little place at some point in our lives. Tini. The perfect little café in the heart of Red Hook. Perfect people, perfect food and positively simple. We loved it. Every second.

I forgot to take pictures of our food so I didn’t document it on Memoirs, but Meena had this lovely truffled egg scramble with Provencal potatoes and I had the same potatoes with a smoked salmon and goat cheese scramble. All made with eggs raised somewhere in Red Hook. Did I mention I love Red Hook?

Anyway, Sunday morning I wanted to pay homage to our new friends at Tini with a quick breakfast. Nothing special, but the eggs featured:
- smoked salmon
- hummus
- eggs
- sea salt
- black pepper

And then I whipped up a little sprout side that went like this:
- brussels sprouts
- prosciutto
- black pepper

Not nearly as wonderful as Tini, but with a little Canadian bacon and Sunday morning TV … not a bad breakfast.

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