We’d done ribs recently and received rather favorable results. I used an Epicurious recipe and after an hour in the oven with this lovely Chinese inspired glaze, they were pretty delicious. Messy, sticky … just what you’d expect from some ribs.

I think because we enjoyed them so much last time, I figured I’d give them another whirl last night. We picked up a slab at the butcher and I didn’t think about them much until it was a couple hours from the beginning of dinner.

Then, for whatever reason, I abandoned my idea to do the same recipe again and thought I’d make some alterations and tweaks to see if I couldn’t get something else going last night. I immediately threw the slab in the oven at 300 degrees bathed in a little apple cider vinegar and a bit of this tomato dipping oil. Just some tomato, garlic and olive oil along with a few other spices I think (just in case you’re playing along at home).

Anyway, I let those dudes lie for about an hour and forty-five.

While they were doing their thing, I whipped together a quick slaw:
- brussels sprouts
- red onion
- jalapeno
- dressing (white vinegar, salt, sugar and cumin)
- olive oil

I threw that concoction in the fridge to let it chill and got together a quick rib sauce:
- hoisin
- tomato paste
- soy sauce
- maple syrup
- hot sauce

Once the ribs came out of their sauna, I noticed the meat was falling off the bone. Which, I believe, is typically the goal. Tender meat falling off the bone seems to be the ultimate accolade bestowed on the humble baby back slab. Anyway, I then coated the meat with the sauce and let it bake for about 10 more minutes. Then for one final kiss of fire to make sure the sauce was really glazed, I threw them under the broiler for about 3 or four minutes.

I think the results were lovely. Tender meat, excellent sauce. I think this one really outdid the previous effort. I loved it and I’ll definitely do this one again.

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