On my way home last night, I got to thinking that I had a couple things in the fridge that needed to be eaten or they'd end up in the trash. So I decided to stop by Pacific Green and pick up a couple essentials that could complement what we had on hand.

Meena had requested something that "wasn't that bad for us" so I figured whole wheat wraps would be a good one.

The first wrap used up our Fairway smoked salmon:
- hummus
- red onion
- mixed greens
- smoked salmon
- basil
- whole wheat wrap
- tomato

And the other went like this:
- canned tuna (with light mayo, dill pickle, red onion and anchovy)
- gruyere
- mixed greens
- tomato
- whole wheat wrap
- crushed red pepper

Then I threw a little mix of veg in the oven:
- red bell pepper
- brussels sprouts
- salt
- olive oil

I think everything was pretty successful. The tuna was very light on the mayo so it wasn't overly creamy or rich. It had tons of tuna flavor and the anchovy gave it really nice depth.

The smoked salmon was pretty rad. I had thought about doing the old NY style combo with cream cheese, but I thought ... NO. That's NOT what I'm going to to do. I'm going to use the hummus in the fridge because ... why not? It'll be awesome. And you know what? It was. So there.

Not five star or anything, but I feel like I delivered on Meena's "not too bad for us" request with a meal that was layered with yummy flavor.

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