Well, not the end, end. We'll be back. But ... BUT, not for long! Wanna know why? James and D are buying an apartment! Whoo Hoo! They're going to live in Windsor Terrace and that'll pretty much mean there will be absolutely no reason for us to hit Williamsburg. Not that it's a horrible place or anything. I can just think of a bunch of other spots I'd rather hang out. And now that James and D are taking off, we won't really have anything drawing us back.

But Saturday night we started at their place and had a bunch of yummy treats D whipped up. Just a nice eggplant dip and a version of hummus that was pretty dope. She also threw together some nice tomato sauce with some delicious bread. I sorta pigged out on it. I was hungry! And it was awesome!

Next, we went to hit Bozu, a weird little Japanese place down the street. We ended up having to wait a minute so we hit this bar around the corner and met up with Matty C and his wonderful girlfriend Emily. That was fun. The bar was very nice. Sorta weird. But nice.

Once we were called to come back over to Bozu, we got a nice little seat toward the back and started leafing through their menu that was one of the more weird little booklets I'd ever seen. This place ... it was just weird. I mean that in the best way possible. It was just strange though. Weird little cartoons in the menus. Tons of items. Strange items. But I sorta loved it.

I have NO idea what everyone got, but I do remember Meena and my orders. Meena had:
- pork betty (pork belly cooked in sake and sweet soy)
- mc low bomb (tuna, avocado, wasabi)
- seaweed salad

And Alec had:
- fried tako balls (something with octopus ... can't remember the rest)
- salmon herb roll (salmon, cilantro, cucumber and red cabbage dressing)

Other standouts ... there was a lovely set of bombs that Matt and Emily picked up. All sorts of flavors going on there. James had this version of Japanese meatloaf that was pretty awesome. I had a sake that was pretty tremendous. Matt had a soju cocktail with soy milk that was like a cocktail sent from heaven.

I liked it. It was super weird and I think me being just a little buzzed from the bar prior to made it even more odd. But I liked it. And despite what I said before, I might even make a special trip back to Williamsburg some day to check it out again.

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