Friday night was lovely. It was warm out. We didn't have to work the next day. The work week was over. I mean, it gets no better.

So after stopping home for sec to drop everything off, we took a walk around the hood just sorta ... wandering. We were sorta in search of a place to eat. But we didn't really have anything in mind. For whatever reason, we ended up on Atlantic and stopped by a spot we'd never even thought of trying before - Mezcal. But I don't know. It just seemed right. So we did it.

And ... it was great!

We had some serious second thoughts at the beginning. We thought we had totally screwed up and we were in trouble. But it turned out great.

Meena had:
- chicken enchiladas with verde sauce

Alec had:
- pork fajitas

Nothing special. Nothing fancy. DEFINITELY nothing fancy. But the food was really solid. Not Tex Mex - just good, delicious, standard Mexican food for a warm Friday night in the hood.

I forgot to take a picture of mine. And nearly forgot Meena's ... but thankfully she eats slower than I do and we were able to take one quick snap of her very tasty enchiladas.

Thanks, Mezcal. I'm not sure we'll be back soon, but I have a feeling we will be back. Probably on another random night further into summer. But we'll be back.

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