You know what? It's sorta annoying to make dinner for one. I guess after making dinner for two over the last few years, I'm reminded that it's just not as easy to reduce recipes already designed for four to a lonely single serving.

So when I was at that store trying to figure out what on earth I'd consume during the Yankees game, I wandered for a minute. Aimlessly. I kept thinking I'd do one thing then just realized I'd end up with way too much left over. So I settled on a wrap/roll-up and a simple salad with some olives. Fast, simple ... and just right for one.

Here's what went into the wrap:
- olive and jalapeño tapenade (kalmata olives, jalapeño, olive oil)
- dijon mustard
- prosciutto
- mixed greens
- gouda
- flax seed flat bread wrap

And then I threw together the most simple of salads:
- mixed greens
- kalmata olives
- salt
- olive oil
- rice vinegar

Pretty simple and it took me all of 10 minutes in the kitchen to get it ready. And I'll be honest, it was pretty good! The flax seed flat bread is highly recommended. I got it pretty fresh I guess because it was soft and buttery. Not like the tough flat bread you sometimes find on your grocer's shelves. And that little olive and pepper mix gave me some bite while the gouda mellowed it all out.

Simple and mostly not impressive to anyone but me. But it was delicious and I enjoyed it throughly.

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