Meena had to be with the Glamour girls last night so I was on my own to watch the Yankees, answer some eBay questions and of course, eat.

I had to run some errands in the city before I could make it home so by the time I got back to Brooklyn, the Yankees were in the fourth inning and I didn't feel like cooking. So I made a quick stop at California Taqueria to pick up a couple tacos.

I kept it real and picked up a fairly usual order for me:
- barbacoa taco
- pollo taco

They were pretty steamy when I got them home and ended up breaking out of their doubled up corn tortilla shells, but that was fine. I threw a little sambal oelek on there and mostly ate these dudes with a fork. Not very authentic, but it was incredibly realistic. That's what you do with take out Mexican, y'all.

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