Hey, y'all. I took a night off because I wasn't feeling so well but after a day home getting better, I was back in gear. And luckily, just in time to hang with two of our best friends in the whole entire world - Grant and Sara!

Our dudes were in town being total saints - helping out in some of NYC's more under-privileged neighborhoods. And at the end of their trip, they were nice enough to spend a little time with us!

Where do you take friends from out of town when you're looking to show them the best food in your neighborhood? Well, I'm sure you'd get a variety of answers on that one if you polled the hood, but we went with Bocca Lupo. I mean, it's just the one spot that makes us feel so good every time. We had to share that experience with G n' S.

I can't remember EVERYTHING we had, but here's what I recall. Meena had:
- pasta with bacon and marinara
- shrimp scampi

Sara had the risotto of the day. I can't remember what was in it, but it was creamy and perfect.

Grant had:
- speck and fennel panini

Alec went the bruschetta route:
- butternut squash and crispy pancetta
- warm mushrooms and mascarpone
- sausage and fennel
- creamy leek and truffled cheese

I think everyone enjoyed the foodz. I know I did. I'm going to stick to my guns and say this was one of the best culinary experiences we could have shared with our friends when they were in town. The food is small and simple, but it's just so darn filling and perfect.

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