Sunday morning before we left Milwaukee, we were treated to something pretty spectacular - brunch at Westmoor. I guess the Roell's joined this lovely little club recently and for mother's day, it was decided we'd check out their brunch spread.

Lucky for us!

From seared scallops and lobster tails to rock crab claws and so much smoked fish it's insane, the spread was seriously a little bit of amazing. There was a hot section with prime rib and all of that stuff and the cold section (my favorite) that housed my favorite smoked scallops, seafood salad and mountains of shrimp.

In addition to the food, we also had a spread of desserts that were pretty spectacular. I didn't have much (I went back for more smoked fish when everyone else did dessert) but I did end up having some and they were pretty awesome.

Excellent mom's day meal. I hope we get a chance to go back someday!

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