Again, I got a new job and we felt like Friday was the night to celebrate. I was able to share the news with the current employer so after I'd made it through that uncomfortable situation, I was ready to have an amazing meal at my favorite spot in all of NYC - Ivo and Lulu.

I felt bad about work. I love the people I work with. So it was hard. But I really love everything I know about my new job, so I'm pretty excited. It was a little bittersweet, but I know for a fact I made the right decision and I'm really excited to get going.

Anyway, on to the food! Ivo and Lulu, man!

Meena ordered the regular:
- smoked mussels
- chicken

And I did MY usual:
- roasted pear
- rabbit sausage

Oh man. I can't even really describe. Delicious rabbit sausage with carrot and miso. Chicken with creamy, sweet sauce. I don't know how they make this chicken. It's a mystery to me. I need to figure it out though. It's the greatest chicken ever.

Anyway, from the mussels and pear to the chicken and sausage - simply the best. For my money, this is the best place in the city to have a celebration. Cheers to the weekend.

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