Quesadilla night, y'all!

I don't know why we decided on these but it just seemed right when we were thinking about foods for tonight's dinner. And we had a bunch of stuff at home. That's a lie, actually. We bought tortillas, poblanos, an onion and salsa. Which is like 80% of the ingredients. So yeah. I was lying when I said that thing before. Anyway.

They were good though. And here's what I put in:
- red onion
- poblano
- olive oil
- chicken sausage
- smoked mozzarella
- flour tortilla
- salsa
- sour cream

Not bad. They didn't look all that visually appealing, but they're quesadillas. So whatever. But they were good. We used the small flour tortillas so I didn't think they'd be super hearty, but they were. We were both mad full at the end.

Delicious! We're heading back to Milwaukee tomorrow so it might be a minute before we post again. But you never know. I'll try!

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