Last night we decided to use some chicken we had in the fridge and get a little crafty with some leftover coconut fried rice from Meena's dinner the previous evening. It might not sound like much, but I have to be honest ... this was one of the better meals we've made in a minute!

After I butterflied the chicken, I tossed it on a hot pan with a drip if olive oil and a bit of sea salt. Then I sliced it up and threw it back in the skillet with the following:
- indonesian ginger sauce
- oyster sauce
- garlic
- jalapeƱo

We then served it all up with some Boston lettuce, that coconut rice and a bit of sambal oelek.

I mean, it might not sound like much, but it's seriously one of the best things we've made in recent memory. Little Asian inspired tacos with lots of lovely chicken, garlic, rice and spice.

I know the formula isn't all that creative, but whatever, man. I'm all about taste, not impressing the internutz. And this my friends, was delicious.

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