We were given the opportunity to attend a gala after party at the Rainbow Room last night for Steveo's Manhattan School of Music. We'd never been up there and it was a good event to try and help out the school a little, so we figured we'd jump on board. Glad we did! It was a ton of fun.

Before we went, however, we had to get some food in our bellies. And instead of dealing with the normal flock of delivery spots, Meena decided she wanted to do something different. And after experience the delivery from Chance, I'm glad she did.

It's essentially just Chinese delivery. But it's more like a PF Chang's style Chinese.

Anyway, Meena had:
- sesame beef
- coconut fried rice

Alec had:
- hot and sour soup
- chili chicken

Meena had the winner. Her sesame beef was pretty rad. The veggies were crisp and delicious. And the beef was a little crispy, sweet and tasty.

My chicken was OK. I added some sambal oelek and it gave it a nice bit of spice. My hot and sour was actually excellent. I'd order from there again for that alone.

Anyway, good night. Thanks to Steveo for allowing us to attend his wonderful event and thanks to Chance for some rad delivery.

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