I was leaving the office last night and I heard one girl say to another, "Are you having a margarita tonight for Cinco De Mayo?" The other girl, totally serious, replies, "I don't celebrate that holiday." Like it was offensive or something. Come on, girlfriend! It's Cinco De Mayo. Nobody I know REALLY celebrates the holiday. It's like Bastille Day. You don't REALLY celebrate, but you do eat some baguette and drink some red wine, right?

Whatever. It was just massively annoying to me for some reason. So I decided that not only was I going to work some tequila into my dinner, I was going to make a margarita when I got home, too.

And I did.

After I got the margaritas going in the blender (they weren't bad, actually), I started throwing together some stuff for my bone-in pork chops:
- pork chops
- brown sugar
- tequila
- lime juice
- sea salt

I grilled those suckers up on the cast iron and then threw together some vegetables:
- portobello mushroom
- leeks
- olive oil
- sea salt
- cumin

I garnished the whole thing with some watercress. Not bad.

Couple things wrong here ... the tequila glaze wasn't as flavorful as I thought it would be. I should have added a little honey and a little more lime juice. That would have increased the "glaze" nature a little.

I think the pork chops weren't as good either. We tried a different type from the butcher and they just weren't as awesome. They were smaller (which was the motivation when we bought them) but the flavor just wasn't there. So ... next time we'll go back to those big suckers.

Anyway ... not bad. Not great. But not bad.

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