When I lived in Indy, I would have lunch fairly often at this little restaurant in a department store with Dad. It was a little cafe type thing and they had pretty good stuff. It was relaxing. Anyway, one of the things Dad and I ordered from time to time was this black and bleu salad. Nice bits of steak and some bleu cheese crumbled all over. Pretty classic combination and fairly standard recipe, but I did really enjoy that particular one.

Anyway, after a long day yesterday, we just decided to keep it simple last night. Watch some TV, cuddle up on the couch and down a little steak salad.

Nothing super complex here obviously:
- greens
- roasted red pepper
- sauteed leeks
- chives
- dressing (fat free sour cream, olive oil, chives, lime juice, salt)
- skirt steak
- bleu cheese

The only thing that wasn't quite right here was the bleu. It wasn't all that solid. Just one we picked up at the grocery, but it was too creamy and not crumbly enough. That happens. I just wish it didn't happen to our salad.

The skirt steak was an oddly fatty one as well. I thought I trimmed most of it, but there was some marbling I didn't (or couldn't) see. It's not the leanest piece of meat in the world, but it's typically leaner than this was. Of the two butcher steaks, I think hanger is our favorite. It's pretty much never fatty in the way this one was. NO biggie. I think this was still pretty awesome and not a bad way to close out the weekend.

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