Sorry for the terrible lack of updates, friends. I think I may have noted it, but if not, I’ve been in Indiana for the lovely 500-mile automotive race they host there every year. It’s a wonderful time. I do recommend it if you ever get a chance to stop by.

Anyway, I’m not going to break it down line-by-line and post-by-post, but I’ll just give you a few highlights from the weekend.

Friday night:
- sandwiches, chips and wine at mom’s lunch counter!

Saturday night:
- mom and dad’s lamb chops with dijon marinade
- shrimp cocktail
- rosemary and olive oil potatoes
- salad with kalmata olives, sunflower seeds and feta

Sunday night at the Guggenheims:
- grilled sausage
- cole slaw
- chips
- scotch

Monday night:
- sloppy joes
- salad with kalmata olives, sunflower seeds and feta
- chips

I ate and ate and ate. Which is typically the routine when I’m home. So nothing new. But it was lovely and wonderful and amazing. And I’m for sure going to try the lamb chop recipe Mom and Dad picked up from the Huses. It’s a nice little mustard bite that isn’t too powerful for the fantastic flavor of grilled lamb.

And the salad dressing mom makes with sugar and white balsamic vinegar is one of the finest things on the planet. That one will likely become a staple as well.

Man, it’s good to go home.

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