So I'd seen all these recipes touting the brillance of using canned salmon in salmon burgers. I typically use a fillet from the store and chop it all up, but after hearing so many positive reviews, I figured I'd give it a shot. Well, never again.

I'm not sure what the deal was, but I didn't like it. They didn't bind properly and the taste just wasn't the same. We used nice, canned sockeye, but the results were just OK at best.

Here's what I included in the burgers:
- egg
- bread crumbs
- worcestershire sauce
- soy sauce
- garlic
- tomato paste
- sea salt

And then I grilled these joints off on a hot pan with a little olive oil and served them up with liberal amounts of avocado and tomato on a baguette.

Again ... just OK.

The nicest thing turned out to be this last second salad I made with some extra condiments. I whipped together:
- avocado
- tomato
- white onion
- sea salt
- rice vinegar

Who knew, right? Well. I mean, not a real flavor profile breakthrough I guess. But I'd never made it before and I liked it. That's alls I'm sayin'.

Anyway, back to Indy tonight, so it might be a day or two before updates!

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