Last night was the continuation of a really amazing week for me. After the new job, Chestnut and seeing Iron Man, I didn't think it could possibly get much better. But it did and it was all thanks to Steveo!

That's right. Our man Steve hooked us up with a couple amazing Yankees tickets and we were fortunate enough to witness the bombers plow through the O's.

I forgot to take photos of the food, but suffice it to say, we ate the best parts of the stadium. Meena had:
- carl's cheesesteak
- diet coke

Alec had:
- hebrew national jumbo dog (with kraut, relish and hot sauce)
- bud light

Pretty amazing. Meena wasn't that into her cheesesteak, but it wasn't too bad. My hotdog was the clear winner. But I mean, are you surprised? It's a giant hot dog piled high with hot sauce, kraut and relish. Oh, and mustard. Brown mustard. Sheesh. That's a little bit of spectacular on a hot, crusty bun.

A-Rod homers, solid pitching from Mr. Rasner, great seats and the most satisfying, fatty food around. Amazing night.

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LEV said...

stadium food is iffy at best... although it always tastes better when the bombers are winning