After my first night of work, Meena made sure my life was perfect — she took me to Chestnut for their excellent Tuesday night prix fixe extravaganza.

This deal is an exceptional one. Appetizer, main course and desert. One low price. All the same great Chestnut excellence in the kitchen.

Here's how we decided to navigate the menu. Meena had:
potato gnocchi, oyster mushrooms, proscuito & mache
hanger steak, fingerlings, valdeon & red wine
chocolate budino & caramel

And then Alec went with:
- baby artichoke, goat cheese and honey salad
- halibut with english peas and pea shoots
- cheese plate

Pretty outstanding. I think as always, the hanger steak is the real winner. And I would have picked up the pork chop I love so much, but the halibut was lookin' nice and I got a little more bang for my prix fixe buck. So I'm happy.

Wonderful first day. Tomorrow night? Yankees game!!

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