Although this is commonly referred to as a garbage pasta around our household, it’s very much NOT a garbage pasta by definition. See, in order for our pasta to be deemed garbage, it needs to featured a flurry of ingredients culled from the remnants of our fridge. And although this did utilize that category of ingredients to a degree, I did in fact visit Pacific green to secure a handful of ingredients with this very recipe in mind.

So I say … this is not garbage.

And fortunately for us, it did not taste it either. This was actually one of the better simple pastas I’ve made in a minute and I was pretty pleased with myself at the end of the meal.

Here’s the ingredient list:
- linguini
- cherry tomato
- prosciutto
- marinara
- basil
- basil pesto
- gruyere
- olive oil
- sea salt
- lemon

See, simple, right? Well. Not as simple as I would have liked, actually. I think the best pasta has like 3 ingredients. Mine has about four times that. But still, it only took a few minutes to throw together and that was really what we were after more than anything. We had people coming over to view the apartment (we’re moving again) so we just wanted to fly through it.

The tomatoes were sweet and the ham was salty ... so we were pretty pleased about that flavor combo.

All parties = satisfied.

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