After all the fun from the wedding a few weeks back, James and Diana were nice enough to have a ton of us over for a nice little party to commemorate all the fun.

Of course, D went completely nuts in the kitchen and pulled off one of the more amazing menus I've had the pleasure of enjoying in some time.

I'll have her send me the ingredients soon, but here's the stuff I remember:
- seared tofu with black sesame
- beef quesadillas with corn
- rice balls with marinara
- shrimp skewers with pineapple
- pulled pork bbq sandwiches
- peanutty noodle salad
- mini steak sandwiches with horseradish sauce
- hostess cupcake cake
- cinnamon tortillas

Amazing. Everything was really lovely. Tofu was great. Steak was awesome. I can't even really describe it. It was all amazing. Thanks, D!

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