We hadn’t had salmon in a minute so we felt like it was OK to explore our favorite fish on this Tuesday night. This one might not look like the most amazing dinner ever, but I assure you, it was pretty delicious. My fillet skills were lacking and I chose a really weird way to portion this thing up, but whatever. I try new things in the kitchen. It’s what makes me happy.

Anyway, I started things off with a white bean mash:
- white beans
- olive oil
- sea salt
- white wine vinegar
- garlic

Then I did a little broccoli:
- broccoli
- maple syrup
- olive oil
- soy sauce
- crushed red pepper

And then the salmon was simple. Just a little sear in the pan with some sea salt.

I think this was pretty solid. The creamy bean mash was akin to potatoes and maybe better for us? I’m not sure. Maybe not. But it was good with the sweetness of the broccoli and the creamy salmon with just-crisp-enough edges.

Good meal. Good night.

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