Surprise! Meena has having a birthday next week and in order to get the jump on it and really make sure she was sufficiently surprised this year, Dan planned a little surprise birthday party for my love. She thought we were going to a flea market (and wasn't happy about it) but was surprised to find James and D hanging in Dan and Steve's back yard when we got over there this afternoon!

And while we were hanging, we were treated to a ton of wonderful food. D made sandwiches:
- turkey and cranberry mayo
- roasted veggies and brie

Dan made his world famous taco dip. Someone made some hummus. And there was a selection of wonderful drinks. FYI, Dan makes a great margarita.

To cap it all off, D made a berry and peach tart that was just amazing. The crust was flaky. The berries and fruit were perfect. It was insane. I loved it so much. And with a scoop of ice cream, it really sung. Perfect end to a perfect afternoon.

Thanks so much everyone!

PS: Awesome decorations, Dan!

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