After work, Meena and I met Matty Chaymez at a place called Terrior in the East Village. Nice start to the weekend. Couple glasses of wine, some cheese, meats. Not much better. And a fun chat with Matt to boot.

After that wonderful bit of eating and conversation, we ran back to Brooklyn and decided we'd just call in the troops - Joya to the rescue. We were sorta sleepy and it just felt like the right idea. Some wine at home and a bit of the Joya.

Meena kept it fairly standard:
- chicken pad thai (spicy)

And Alec did something different:
- spicy squid salad
- tom yum koong

I liked the salad. It wasn't packed with rubbery squid - just nice, juicy bits. The spice wasn't quite what I wanted so I added a bit of sambal oelek. But it felt a little light and flecked with just the right amounts of acid and spice (once I took it up a little).

Meena's pad Thai was mad spicy. Good, but more than she bargained for. Still, you can't ask for much more on a Friday.

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