For whatever reason, we'd never been to Cafe on Clinton. Partly because we share a back yard with them. Partly because ... well, we share a back yard with them. It's just so close that we always say, "Oh, we'll go some other time. It's RIGHT there." And then we never do.

So because we're moving to the other side of the hood, we figured now was the time and we needed to just pull the trigger on Cafe on Clinton.

Again, because of the phone thing, I forgot to take photos of the food. And all I could find was this shot taken in the dead of winter. But that's it. Corner of Clinton and Verandah!

We started with a nice Chardonnay from Argentina. Very cheap but quite nice.

Then we moved into starters. Meena had:
- yellow tomato and avocado with crab salad

Alec had:
- roasted beets and micro greens salad

And for the main courses, Meena had:
- lamb meatloaf with mushrooms and potatoes

And Alec had:
- seafood cobb salad

So here's the thing about Cafe on Clinton - it was OK. It was sorta what we expected and sorta why we'd never been. It was good. My beet salad was excellent. Meena's starter was OK. Meena's main course wasn't great (I think we just have a very different idea of meatloaf - theirs was a lamb meatball and we were thinking something more ... Midwestern). My cobb salad was pretty good, really. But they weren't reinventing the wheel. I shouldn't be hard on the salad though. It was awfully delicious.

The place is just so cute. It's cozy, inviting. You want to love everything about it. And for the most part, we did. Just a couple missteps. Nothing major. I'd even go again. Maybe for their all-you-can-eat pork party. Or maybe for half priced bottles of wine Wednesdays. But we'll go again.

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