One night when we were kinda drunk, we bought some Ramen at the bodega thinking we'd come home and make it.

We didn't.

So the ramen has been chillin' in the pantry for a couple weeks and I've been eying it longingly every time I dig through our supplies. And tonight, I decided to add another one and doctor it up a little for dinner.

After a little ramen searching on the internuts, I landed on the following:
- ramen (two "bricks" and one season packet)
- egg
- sambal oelek
- shiitake
- chicken thighs
- scallions
- sesame oil
- garlic

Good! Good was the result! I think I'll continue to refine my ramen skills, but I'll get it eventually. I want to throw in so many things. Pork, seaweed, hard boiled eggs. All the crazy stuff I saw when I was hunting around. Oh, bean sprouts, tofu, cabbage. There are just so many things.

Meena wasn't a huge fan of the chicken. She's not a fan of chicken thighs so I should have known. I just figured it might be the most flavorful for the soup. I liked it, but I can see why she wouldn't. I liked the egg, too. I beat one egg and dumped it in the boiling water, giving that nice scramble type of feel. Gave everything a nice little texture. And it looked pretty, too!

Like I said, I'll keep working on this one. It's like pizzettas - a blank canvas that you can use to paint a lot of crazy pictures!

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