Another good thing about our upcoming move? We'll be closer to Zaytoons. If that's not a good reason to move down the block, I don't know what is!

So last night I got home a little late and had to run some errands in the hood before I got home. I'd planned to make some little finger sandwiches, but Meena had a better idea - Zaytoons!

Meena kept it real and got a fairly normal pick for herself:
- chicken shawrama sandwich

Alec had some new stuff and an old favorite:
- zaytoons' mix
- merguez and shish kebab platter

I'd never had the merguez before but Meena thought I might like it. Turns out she was right. It was heavily spiced and just bursting with that wonderful lamb goodness. It was a little dry last night (so were the kebabs) which is odd, but it was delivery so I guess I can't complain too much. Meena's sandwich with a healthy dose of hummus was delicious as always. A big, messy concoction of perfectly cooked (and spiced) chicken and a bunch of great pickles and onions.

As always, nothing but love for 'toons.

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