Not sure why I was so hot on the idea of little finger sandwiches, but as I think I mentioned, I think it’s a nice little palate to paint a delicious culinary picture. Much like the pizzetta. So last night, in what will likely be one of the last home cooked meals on this street, I figured I’d roll out a new tradition and get to work on some interesting (and not so interesting) flavors.

The first shot was far and away the more mundane of the two options and featured:
- italian bread
- smoked turkey
- green apple
- brie
- honey mustard

It was fine. Good actually. I’m being too hard on it. It was very good. But it was some standard deli stuff so I won’t go much further on it.

The second option was pretty amazing. I loved it. Meena loved it. It contained the following:
- roast beef
- korean bbq (garlic, soy, brown sugar, sesame oil)
- italian bread
- kimchee
- mixed greens

Awesome. It was like bulgogi on a little slice of bread. The flavors were intense. Garlicky, rich, spicy, beefy. Everything was there and we loved every little bite. It’s a pretty simple (and classic) Korean flavor combination and boy have they nailed it. This one will be making a repeat appearance. Probably in the next kitchen, though!

We finished the whole thing off with some simple sweet potato fries - just sweet potato, sea salt and olive oil. Baked until crisp.

We'll be in Milwaukee doing wedding stuff for the next few days. We'll try to update, but who knows. The only thing we know for sure is that we'll be eating Asian Chow for dinner tonight. Beyond that, your guess is as good as ours.

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