Hi! As you can see from the photos, we were away for the holiday weekend doing wedding stuff and havin' some fun in Milwaukee and Kohler, Wisconsin.

The first photos up there show our horrible airport tradition - cheap Chinese. I don't know why we do it, but we do. I think there is some spicy chicken in there. Some bourbon chicken. That kind of stuff. It's terrible, but we love it and we wouldn't fly unless we've had our fill.

Last Thursday, we woke up early and drove to Kohler for our wedding tasting and flower discussion. I thought about giving you a look at the meal, but I figured I'd keep it secret. It'll be well documented in October. So all you get now is a napkin fold we decided NOT to use. But suffice it to say, everything was delicious and we made some selections we're really happy with. Flowers too. We're so happy with the club and we're going to have a blast when we finally make it back up there to tie the knot.

The fourth was pretty awesome. We had a bunch of hot dogs and all that fun holiday stuff at a local fireworks display.

The next day we did some driving around Hartford, WI to see Meena's brother and his new home. His kids were tons of fun and the new place is going to be great. We had lunch at this fun hunting lodge in the woods and did a bunch of exploring around the back roads and lake drives of Wisconsin's green summer landscape.

After all that, you'd think we'd be done for the day ... but indeed we were not. We went to see the Brew Crew beat the Pirates of Pittsburgh! It was a great game and the food didn't stop. We had more hot dogs, jumbo pretzels, popcorn, beer ... the whole lot. It was perfect.

One last food stop to mention ... the Milwaukee airport was our last chance to pick up a New Glarus Spotted Cow. Our beloved Wisconsin beer that never seems to be available out here in NY. So we had a couple bites while watching Nadal and washed it down with these delicious suds.

Great trip. We're happy to be home ... although we're going to be moving the rest of the week and there's nothing very fun about that. But Wisconsin was such a good time and we miss it. Every one of those trips just makes us that much more ready to become Midwesterners again. One of these days we'll do it and we'll be back in the heartland.

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