Friday night Meena and I went over to Park Slope to order something very special - my wedding band! It was surprisingly very quick. I guess I figured it would take a long time to select something I'll be wearing the rest of my life. But in the end, I knew what I wanted and when I saw it, there wasn't much to it. We picked it and we were done. Whoo hoo!

So after the band was selected, we decided to celebrate with a little Korean. We'd been to Moim before and really enjoyed it. So I wasn't surprised when we had another wonderful meal.

Moim has a nice little selection of small plates and because it was Friday, we figured why not? Let's try a bunch of stuff.

Meena started with:
- shrimp and chive cakes

Alec started with:
- korean meatballs in lettuce cups

And for the main course, we decided to do the same thing:
- dol sot bi bim bop

The bi bim bop is pretty lovely here. I've had many a bowl in my day and this is one of the better ones I think. Meena claimed they needed a bit more meat, but I thought it was OK. The thing I liked the most is that it felt pretty much like the perfect portion size. Sometimes these bowls are too big. But these were perfect. Like Goldilocks. Just right.

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