Finally! Back in the kitchen. But because our apartment is like a cave and even though the temperature has returned to a pretty livable (enjoyable really) state, our joint still feels like the inside of an oven. EZ Bake oven. But an oven, nonetheless.

So rather than getting things heated up to satisfy my cooking urges, I figured I’d revisit a salad I once made when Meena was out and about. It requires MINIMAL heat and it’s jam packed with tons of yummy foods I love to eat.

It went like this:
- field greens
- olive oil
- sea salt
- black pepper
- crushed red pepper
- wheat pita (grilled with olive oil, sea salt and black pepper)
- prosciutto
- fresh mozzarella
- balsamic vinegar

That’s it. Not a lot of stuff. Not a lot of heat (unless you’re counting the crushed red pepper) and about 100% awesome. Meena added a little extra balsamic to hers, but I liked the way all the flavors sorta balanced and worked together. Again, it’s nothing special … just a mix of a couple elements I love on their own (so figured mixing them together would be fine).

We have a weekend of good eating ahead. It’s Meena’s real birthday this weekend so we’ll be hitting the Good Fork and some other fun stuff. Stay tuned!

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