Meena had a little bit of workout business to attend to last night so I made my way home and got moving on a little bit of dinner. Some good old pork and beans. Not really good old pork and beans. But you know, the meal DID feature both pork AND beans. So yeah. Last night I made pork and beans.

I started by searing off a pork chop on a hot pan with nothing but a little salt and a touch of olive oil and then threw it in the oven to slowly finish.

Then I got together a little chutney for the garnish:
- red onion
- apple cider vinegar
- brown sugar
- mustard seeds
- crushed red pepper

And then I finished everything off with a white bean side:
- white beans
- swiss chard
- bacon
- red onion
- sea salt
- black pepper

I have to say, I really enjoyed this. The pork chop ended up just a touch too done, but the flavor of this little bit of Niman Ranch goodness was stellar. With a bite of the sweet and spicy chutney and the rich and salty white beans ... fantastic. I loved every bite and yes ... I gnawed the bone. Call me gross. Go ahead. I call myself ... dedicated.

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LEV said...

that's unlike any pork & beans i've ever encountered. very nice