Avocado and salmon ... little bits of that good fat, right? I think. I hope. I don't care, actually. But, I'm reasonably sure our meal was sorta good for us in some ways. More importantly, however, it was REALLY good.

We'd done this before (a version) and yesterday afternoon, Meena and I both agreed it was worth trying again. So we did!

I ran by the fish store and the grocery last night and picked up a couple ingredients. Like four (this thing is delightfully simple) and got cooking the minute I arrived home. Here's what went into the salmon:
- salmon
- panko
- maple syrup
- sambal oelek
- sesame oil
- soy sauce
- mustard powder

And right below that, I mixed up a little bit of mushroom and onion:
- red onion
- shiitake mushroom
- olive oil
- mustard powder
- apple cider vinegar

Between the two, I sliced up a little avocado and the meal was complete. And like I said before, really, really good. The flavor is by no means new for us. Not foreign at all. But we love it so we do it a lot. This one would probably sell. The outside is a crispy and delicious. The panko is just slightly crunchy and the sweet, spicy sauce goes perfectly with the creamy salmon. With a bite of the mushroom, red onion and avocado, it was heavenly.

We'll be making this again and again. And if you ever come over for dinner, I'll probably make it for you, too.

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