Whoops. I'm WAY, WAY behind here. I don't even really have an excuse. I just got behind. And I don't even have pictures to share. Let's just call this a little summer vacation. I took a couple days off. But I'm back. I'm ready to go again.

I will recap what we've been up to though. Just no images. Here we go:

Thursday, June 19:
- Joya in the house! I was late trying to get some stuff wrapped up before my first Friday off and Meena went to the trouble of calling in some Joya for us. I had some chicken and basil and Meena had some chicken pad thai. All spicy. All delicious.

Friday, June 20:
- Mark and Ronald are in town!! That's right, our best buddies from Dayton, OH, were here for a nice weekend of theater and sights, so we decided to take them down to one of our old favorites for some BYOB sushi in the city - Cube 63. I think everyone enjoyed the food. Mark had some soba, the rest of us had some sushi and we all had plenty of wine. Awesome.

Saturday, June 21:
- After a morning at the MoMa and an afternoon full of naps and general nothingness, we finally wandered back out into the public in search of some food. After a lot of maybes and almosts, we decided on Chance on Smith. Not bad. Meena had a prix fixe with some lychee chicken and I had some spicy chicken type thing. It was satisfying. Good for a Saturday.

Sunday, June 22:
- Mark and Ronnie were out in Brooklyn for Sunday night and we were happy to have them. We took them around BK for street fairs and Manhattan views and by the end of it, they were beat. And so were we. So we got in a few good rounds of Wii and finally wandered around the corner to Bocca Lupo for some awesome eats. We had it all. Cheese plate, panini, bruschetta, pasta and pizza. Bocca Lupo, you know how I feel. I love you.

Monday, June 23:
- I had a long day at work and we decided cooking was lame. So we hit Layla Jones as soon as I got home for some pizza and pasta in their back yard. I had a pizza with prosciutto and red pepper and Meena had spaghetti and meatballs.

So that's that. After this, I'll be back in the saddle. Sorry for the delay, but we'll be back up and moving from here on out.


Roni said...

Come on! How could you forget about the awesome tex-mex and fresh fruit margaritas? :)

LEV said...

the lack of pictures is completely unacceptable... ha, just kidding, as usual great posts