Saturday night was a weird eating night. We sorta knew it would be the case and it sorta rolled out the way we thought.

We started with a AARP style dinner around 4:45 at Lobo. It wasn't lunch. It wasn't dinner. It could only be classified as something you'd do if you're 72 years old, but we did it. We knew food would come infrequently, so we decided to chow down. I had a quesadilla, Meena had some edwin's enchiladas and Allison had a burrito. Good base. It's Lobo, after all.

After that, we had some lovely food ala Diana. I'm not sure what it all was, but I recall heading over to their lovely new apartment for some little crostini with white beans and pesto, fresh melon and a glass or two of wine. Great food in a lovely setting.

Before Allison came to town, one of the first things she told me was that we had to hit The Bourgeois Pig for some fondue and libations. And Saturday night, we did. We joined M. Guggy, Matty Chaymez and a very odd new location for one of Allison's NYC favs. Yes, they'd moved their red walls and velvety furniture down the street to a much larger location and an expansive menu. Not the same. But not bad, either. We had a savory chesse fondue and it was pretty rad. Lots of veggies, breads and fruit to dunk in a bubbling pot of cheese. Awesome.

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