It was finally Allison's last night and town and we were a combination of hot, tired and sad. We'd had an excellent time - and Allison still hadn't had any Joya. We figured it was time to right that wrong.

And right it we did. We ordered a feast. Tons of lovely Thai foods showed up much to our ravenous delight. We started with:
- spring rolls
- thai calamari

Allison had:
- some sort of red thai curry with eggplant and chicken

Meena had:
- chicken pad thai (spicy ... sorta)

Alec had:
- spicy noodles (extra spicy!)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, man. This stuff was amazing. Every bite. The calamari was horrible for me but delicious in my tummy. The spring rolls were crunchy and packed with all things amazing. The spicy noodles were MAD spicy and so filling I couldn't even eat half. Meena's pad thai was pretty perfect as usual and I now know from experience (tried a bite of the leftover tonight) that Allison's curry was bursting with coconut milk flavor and a lovely complexity of other assorted flavors.

At the end of the meal, Allison brought out a few cupcakes from THE bakery on Atlantic Street, the Downtown Atlantic Restaurant and Bakery. We'd already killed a carrot cake cup earlier in the weekend so we were left with the hostess inspired spot and the red velvet. They were both amazing. And I made certain that I won't need sugar again until September. How awesome is that?

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