That's right, the title speaks the truth. My sister came all the way out to Brooklyn to pay Meena and I a little mid-summer visit. And when folks come to town (and if you read this blog from time to time you'll know) we always take people to Bocca Lupo. It one of our favorites and even though it's not RIGHT around the corner these days, we'll always make the trek back to Warren for whatever they're making.

And because we're lucky people, we had the honor and privilege of dining with Dan and Steveo as well.

There was way too much food to recap everything, but here were a few of the things I remember. We all started with a cheese plate and it was lovely. Dan and Steve had panini's and one bruschetta I think. I think. Not totally sure. Allison had a wonderful little party sandwich of prosciutto, tomato and goat cheese. They called it something else, but Allison and I both know it as a party sandwich. No crust = party sandwich. Simple math. She also had a couple bruschetta. She really liked the mushroom joint.

Meena had her shrimp scampi and a bit of a nice little pasta. I had a handful of bruschetta and I think the mushroom was pretty lovely. But the asparagus and spring pea bites were also great. And the sausage, too. Who am I kidding, I love everything they make.

Awesome kick off to a wonderful weekend.

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