This looks like a pretty solid burger in the photo but let me assure you, it was anything but. I mean, it had pretty good flavor. We enjoyed it. But it most certainly wasn't solid. See, I didn't have an egg to bind this thing and the patties most certainly felt a lot more like sloppy joes than burgers.

But like I said, they were good. Tasty. Nice flavor. So not all was bad. Not even a little bad really. Just sorta messy I guess.

Here's how it went:
- salmon
- onion
- black sesame seeds
- panko
- sesame oil
- soy sauce
- sautéed onion
- sautéed red pepper
- spinach
- onion roll
- corn on the cob
- wasabi mayo (wasabi powder, light mayo)

Dinner was cool, man. I had to do the corn in the oven. That was weird. I always do corn in the microwave. Is that bad? Probably. Probably makes me a failed foodie. That's fine by me. I most certainly don't consider myself a foodie. At all. I just like to eat, homey. But yeah, I did the corn in the oven. But it was still good.

And the sloppy sam was pretty good too. The veggies were nice and the sloppy sam had good salmon-ey punch that wasn't drown out by all the other stuffs.

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