Last night Meena had a crazy long day and it was my turn to whip up some dinner by the time she got home. We had a big ol' heirloom tomato just itching to be sliced up, so we figured a BLT was in order.

I got started with the BLT:
- bacon
- frisee
- light mayo
- whole wheat pita
- heirloom tomato

Pretty simple. As it should be.

And then I moved into a little salad:
- frisee
- pan-fried white peach
- cabbage
- candied walnuts
- apple cider vinegar
- sea salt

I was pretty pleased with everything. The BLT was ... well, a BLT. How can you go wrong with that? And the salad was pretty nice. I used a little of the bacon fat to cook the cabbage and that sorta served as the dressing for the salad. Sorta gross I'm sure, but it was pretty darn good. That cabbage soaked up a lot of bacon flavor and it gave the salad a nice, salty bite on top of the candied walnuts and white peach.

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