Sorta random night here. I had a meeting downtown and Meena had some dinner with the girls, so when I rolled up on Brooklyn around 9:00, I was left with two options. 1. I could get some delivery. 2. I could rally the fridge and throw something together.

As odd as it sounds, I was TOO LAZY to select something and call it in, so I just raided the fridge. There wasn't much in there, so what came together was sorta weird:
- egg
- whole wheat pita
- cherry tomato
- hummus
- frisee
- sambal oelek

I also had a little frisee salad. Just a little bit of the curly greens and some apple cider vinegar and a touch of salt. Not bad.

Again, super weird night. Super weird dinner. But it was good. It was filling. So I can't complain. Not my finest moment, but when you just open the fridge and start grabbing random stuff, you can't really expect total greatness.

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