Sorta strange title. I guess I did have dim sum. But saying "Dim Sum Friday" makes it feel a little like it's something we do often. And it is not. So anyway, now that I've disclosed that bit I can move on and tell you the rest.

We were going to cook, but we got lazy and just decided to go out. It was Friday. Why not?

So oddly, we went back to Chance. It's this Chinese place we've tried a few times and just keep heading back to with some regularity. It's just good Chinese. Not great, but certainly the best we've had in this hood.

Meena had:
- shrimp in lettuce cups
- crispy beef

Alec had:
- hot and sour soup
- ocean box dim sum

Everything was awesome. Meena's crispy beef was sorta hard to eat. Big strips of steak. It took several bites to get through it. But it was good. Really good, actually.

My dim sum was nice. Not great. But good. I really liked the sea bass and carrot bite. It was perfect. The lobster wasn't all that great. The shrimp was solid. There was also this deep fried crab claw thing. Not a ton of flavor, but it was a crab claw and it was packed with meat. I liked that.

All in all, not a bad night. Dim sum, soup, crispy beef and some lettuce wraps? I'll take that for a lazy Friday in the neighborhood.

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