way behind. we moved and now I'm in the midst of sales meetings and stuff. I'll try to get back to normal soon.

But just for the record, here's the quick review of the last few days:

Friday, July 11:

Tried the new neighborhood and hit this place that has a sign that says Thai Food. Not sure what’s it’s called off the top of my head, but it was totally empty and sorta nice. Meena’s pad thai wasn’t her favorite, but I had a nice curry that was SUPER spicy.

Saturday, July 12:

Zaytoons! Now that it’s way closer and after a really taxing day of moving the stuff, we figured there wouldn’t be anything better than a bottle of wine and some Middle Eastern delights. We were right.

Sunday, July 13

South Brooklyn Pizza in the house! Not really. We were in their house for some little personal pizzas. The place is nice. They only make personal cheese wood-fired pizzas and chocolate chip cookies (seriously, that’s all they make) and we took them up on a couple of the former and passed on the latter. Not bad. No Lucali, but pretty delicious anyway.

Monday, July 14th

I went to the Park for a sales meeting dinner and had a nasty steak and some fries. Not great. I ordered it rare and it came out medium well. Awesome. Meena had some Joya and chilled at home. I would have happily traded places.

I have another sales meeting dinner tonight, but after this experience, we’ll fire up the new kitchen and get down to business!

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