Last night we were both feeling pretty drained. Tired and just not great. And with the approaching move, we figured we only had one option - Chinese food for the soul.

So Meena called in a little help from our friends on Smith Street - Sichuan Garden.

Meena called in a LOT of help as it turns out! She ordered a massive spread (much of which is still in the fridge) that included the following:
- beef with broccoli
- general tso's chicken
- shrimp lo mien
- shrimp dumplings
- hot and sour soup

It was pretty good. Mostly we were just hungry and tired and this stuff was really good and filling. Comfortable. You know like that saying. Like putting on a warm sweater in the winter. It's just a nice feeling.

We'll probably have more of this type of thing for a few more days. Hang in there and we'll get back to cookin' later this weekend!

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