Meena was out with some friends last night so it was just me hangin' around the house. Watchin' the Yankees and packing stuff. And while I was maintaining this rigorous routine, I decided I needed a little grub to go with all the fun.

So I decided to make a couple salads. One tuna, one crab. And I figured I'd throw some veg in there with it. Here's how the tuna went:
- tuna salad (tuna in oil, brown mustard, basil pesto, light mayo, green olives, red onion)
- whole grain flat bread
- avocado
- sprouts
- tomato

And after that, I threw together a little crab salad as a starter:
- crab salad (crab, red onion, sambal oelek, light mayo, lime juice)
- avocado
- red onion
- some bits of flat bread
- sea salt

Not bad. It ended up being a little too much, but everything was yummy. The crab salad ... well, I had low expectations. But it was really good. Much better than I would have expected. And all the veg with it was pretty much perfect. Who knew?

The tuna salad was OK. Well. it was better than OK. It was pretty good. And with it, the veg was pretty awesome.

So good dinner. I know I've said it before, but this probably will be the last home cooked meal here. Not really cooked. Home ... mixed. But I'm sure that given our Saturday a.m. departure, this is it!

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