We had a case of the MUNDAYS. A serious one. I was stressed. Meena was stressed. And as it turns out, Dan and Steveo were feelin' the first day of the week blues as well. So we all joined together for a little support sesh at Flatbush Farms over in Park Slope.

I should say, before we went, Dan was nice enough to have a little bruschetta and some wine for us. Niiiiice.

But at the Farm, we pulled up a couple seats around a nice table on the back porch and got down to business.

In a rare event, Meena and I both ordered the same thing:
- french dip with gruyere, carmelized onions and horseradish cream

Dan had:
- pressed chicken

Steve had:
- vegetable crepe

Although Steve said his was really good, it was clearly a bit of a bummer. I think the quote when it arrived was, "Are they kidding?" It wasn't really a vegetable crepe. it was a crepe with nothing in it ... sitting next to a bunch of veggies. Again, I think he liked it, but it was a little weird.

Meena and were really into ours. It was a massive plate and after the days we'd had, we were all to ready to house a couple big ol' sandwiches and a little a jus.

Dan was a fan of his I think. What's not to like about a little pressed chicken and a beer? Pretty solid Monday meal if you ask me. I almost got the same thing.

Well, we got through it. With the help of Dan and Steve. Bring on Tuesday. We're ready.

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