After a weekend spent out in the woods, Meena was kind enough to have some lovely dinner waiting when I returned to Brooklyn. I'll try to get some photos from the weekend up later. I can't remember if I took many photos of hot dogs, hamburgers and chips, but I'll see what I can do.

At any rate, Meena had a lovely meal filled with lots of green market goodies when I finally got back from the north.

Her lovely little thai noodle salad featured:
- tomato
- cucumber
- thai rice noodles
- fish sauce
- chicken
- sambal oelek
- chili sauce
- shiitake
- green onion
- garlic
- shallot
- olive oil
- lime juice
- peanuts

Pretty fantastic. It was really light on the lime flavor but there was a hint. Which was nice. And the peanuts were a nice crunchy, creamy piece that balanced out some of the sweet and hot aspects of the chili sauces.

For a lovely finish, Meena used some of the blueberries she'd picked up at the market and made a wonderful crumble:
- blueberries
- oats
- brown sugar
- flour
- lemon juice
- cinnamon
- butter
- walnuts
- cornstarch

Excellent welcome home. After a weekend spent with cased meats and burgers, this was pretty much the perfect meal to have on the table when my smelly person re-entered the real world.

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