I got home crazy late last night so Meena was kind enough to get dinner movin' in the proper direction while I was burning the midnight oil.

This was sorta the meal we'd planned on having the previous night but the call for Lobo was just too deafening. So Meena broke out the following and got us ready for some eats:
- avocado
- boca burgers
- cabbage
- white onion
- cheddar cheese
- salsa
- mustard
- sambal oelek
- sweet potato fries
- whole wheat english muffin

Now this setup pictured above just wasn't realistic. I tried. But it was too much. Shortly after this, I had to break it down and eat this like a real human being.

The burger's weren't bad. They were mostly good due to the stuff Meena sliced and diced to throw on them. The burgers simply weren't as good as I'd remembered them from college, etc. Not sure if we just got the wrong kind, but I wasn't all that impressed.

But like I said, with all the yummy goodness of the avocado and onion and salsa, we were pretty happy.

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