We were fortunate enough to get our hands on a nice bit of wild salmon the other day, so I got this idea to try and make a couple different versions with the 3/4 of a pound we had in the fridge. Maybe it's the Olympics coming up (probably not), but I thought I'd see how a little Korean BBQ vs. American BBQ would unfold. Turns out, it was kinda cool.

I started with the Korean version. The salmon got a pan searing and the following:
- korean bbq (brown sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic and sambal oelek)

I also made a bit of veg:
- bok choy
- korean bbq
- water

And I also threw a little kimchee from a jar in there. Just a bit more of the Korean flair.

Then I threw together the American stuff. I started with a coleslaw:
- white vinegar
- lemon juice
- salt
- cabbage
- carrot
- light mayo

And then I did the salmon under the broiler with a bit of smoky maple bbq sauce from a jar. Not bad.

I think in the end, Meena was a bigger fan of the Korean version. I like them both. I like cole slaw, so I thought it was pretty solid. But both were good. And the salmon was great. Wild salmon. Sheesh. I know people are always singing its praises and it's annoying and stuff, but it is good. Not ALWAYS better, but it sure is different. Strange.

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