We stopped by the farmer's market this morning and we were talked into some "sandwich steaks" from the grass fed beef stand. Sorta weird. We'd never heard of such a thing before. But we were told they're just thinly sliced versions of the normal steaks. Ideal for sandwiches. So we went ahead and picked a few up and added a few other things to our bounty to make sure we had stuff for sandwiches.

I got the meat marinating while we were out and about this afternoon. The marinade included:
- worcestershire sauce
- orange juice
- chili sauce
- soy sauce

When we got home, I seared off each "steak" and then threw it on some caputo's rolls with:
- heirloom tomato
- sauteed onion
- herb mayo (light mayo, lemon juice, salt, pepper, basil and olive oil)

Not bad. It was a little tough. But not too tough. I think I should have just sliced it up a bit more. I left it in big strips and you sorta ended up eating the whole thing (not just a bite) whenever you dug in. But the flavor was nice. The tomato was AMAZING.

Oh, I almost forgot. We also had some sweet corn. And it was probably the best corn we've had this year. Maybe in two years. It was incredible. Like candy.

Anyway, nice weekend. Lots of great food and this wasn't such a bad way to finish it all off.

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