Meena was thinking the stuff we'd thrown in the fridge to defrost yesterday probably wasn't going to be ready for us to cook last night, so we decided to just head out for some foods last night. We'd cooked a few days in a row, so I didn't put up much a fight.

On the way home, we decided we'd try a spot that we oddly hadn't ever tried before - Pacifico. It's the little ramshackle spot next to Trout that for whatever reason, hadn't ever lured us in. Which is weird.

So we tried it. And the results were OK. We're sorta Lobo people, but this is a different kind of experience and we liked it for what it was.

We started with some chips and salsa. We tried both the hot and the "wimpy red" varieties and I'm here to tell you, they were both pretty wimpy. Incredibly, actually. The green should NOT be called hot.

Then Meena had:
- pulled beef enchiladas

Alec had:
- carnitas tacos

My tacos were pretty awesome. The meat was rich and delicious. The veggies were crunchy. I mean, that's the way a taco should be.

Meena's enchiladas were OK. Not great. They were a bit mushy. I think she liked the beef, but I'm not sure it was her favorite. Again, she's more of a Lobo Tex-Mex enchilada girl. So we'll probably be back. I think she'll just be having tacos with me.

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